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01 UX + UI
Hero Health.
UX + UI Design for iOS and physical hardware touchscreens

Hero Health.

Hero Health is a combination of a physical hardware device (an at-home smart medication pill dispenser) coupled with a revolutionary mobile app that takes the pain and frustration of managing complex medication regimens and turns that experience into an easy, trustworthy and engaging one for both patients and their caregivers.

01 The challenge

You're not alone.
We're with you.

Empathy leads to understanding.
Understanding leads to a standout user experience.

The entire premise of Hero is making their customers' and users' lives easier through a seamless, connected experience between their pill dispenser/organizer and their mobile device. Add in a Caregiver experience and now we have two completely unique, but also similar, experiences between two types of personas.

When we were designing out the experience in preparation for Hero's Enterprise launch with Aetna, we found ourselves with an entirely new persona that we needed to create and define on the clinical side. We needed to take the findings and insights we applied to our patient and caregiver personas and add in the motivators and challenges that our enterprise users faced when managing a fleet of Hero devices. This way, we were still able to keep in mind the struggles and painpoints that our typical users faced, since the new persona would need to have that same empathy for the fleet they are managing.

The goal was to create a scalable, real-time platform that allowed healthcare companies to actively monitor and engage with their patients who were using the Hero system and track + empower their medication adherence as a result.

02 The approach

A mobile-first approach.

Live your best life.

Get peace of mind.

Tools to stay on track.

03 Future-proofed

Scalable design system.

Familiarity is key.

When designing such a large application, it was important to establish visual systems that would allow the user to learn the application quickly and with minimal effort. To start, we designed 3-5 screens that contained the most common buttons, form elements, graphs, and tabs found in the app. Then, we created simple visual styles that could be reused across every screen with little exception. The result was a small set of buttons, form elements, graphs, and tabs that we could reuse to design all the remaining screens and that Hero could use to scale the application for years to come.

04 The resolution

Your fleet at your fingertips.

A powerful monitoring platform UI that changes lives.

The solution empowers healthcare providers with the tools to monitor, actively engage and ensure their fleet of patients is staying compliant, healthy and happy.

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